Current Charitable Cause: The Dragonfly Foundation

To date, our primary focus is supporting The Dragonfly Foundation: a Cincinnati based nonprofit supporting kids with cancer. Their mission is to provide strength, courage, and joy to kids battling cancer. Through their focus on emotional, relational and practical support, The Dragonfly Foundation gives these kids a chance to just be kids instead of cancer patients.

    Why Dragonfly?
    • From my experiences through Fashion for the Cure, the kids at Dragonfly are some of the bravest and strongest kids I've ever met. Everyday, they have to fight a battle against cancer that threatens to takeaway everything from them. Yet because of Dragonfly's incredible support, each day these kids fight with big, bright smiles on their faces. Through the foundation's world-changing mission, they ensure that cancer can't take away these kids' joy, which is why designs by gracez is excited to support The Dragonfly Foundation. 

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